advent thoughts

Hope is an apple seed.

Hope is striking the match to light the first candle in the dark.

Hope is speaking truth, even when you voice trembles, to power.

Hope is sometimes bright and sometimes dim.

Hope is the first step on a journey.

Hope is mixing yeast into the dough.

Hope is the tear you shed when you see injustice done to another.

Hope is waiting for the sun to rise.

Hope is singing “O Come Emmanuel”.

Hope is the prayer you whisper, that no one can or will hear.

Hope is all you are left with when all you have had is lost.

Hope is planting crocus bulbs and then later watching the snow melt.

Hope is waiting for shooting stars in the night sky.

Hope is opening a note from a loved one.

Hope is confessing your fear.

Hope stands firm.

Hope also letting go.

Hope is raising children.

Hope is holding the hand of one who is dying.

Hope is closing your eyes.

Hope is opening them again.

Rev. David Gaewski

New York UCC Conference Minister

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