god's daily gifts

The late Gene Bartlett, a wise and beloved American Baptist preacher and leader, once said, "It's amazing how much sufficiency accumulates when you accept God's daily gifts."

Dr. Bartlett wrote, "Twenty-one years ago I made a covenant with myself to walk three miles a day. It's an unusual day when I do not carry out that contract. But did you ever figure out how far one walks if you stay at it, walking three miles a day? That's about a thousand miles a year. When you do it for twenty-one years, that means you've walked across the continent seven times. The night I figured that out I almost collapsed on the sidewalk. I could hardly get home I was so exhausted! But when I remembered that the gifts are daily, I accepted again the contract that this body of bone, blood vessels and muscles would receive its daily portion. So I have walked across the continent seven times, and frankly I'm no more weary than the first day I started. That's the wonder of God's daily gifts."

This is a message for us to hear and remember! This is why we pray, "....give us this day, our daily bread..." What we need is offered to us. Daily. I encourage you to find ways to be grateful for the always-available gifts of God.

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