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  1. Written by Quinn Caldwell

  2. God will cover you with his pinions, and under her wings you will find refuge. -Psalm 91:4 How much room is there under a God-wing? Enough for me, says the psalmist. That’s nice. Enough for you, too, presumably. I guess that’s also nice, but then I’m like, wait, does that mean everybody gets to come in? There are definitely some people I think don’t deserve to be in here with us. And again, just how much room is there under these pinions? Because there’s this one kid from high school I do NOT want to find myself smashed up against in some smelly wingpit, no matter how divine it is. Also, I hope we’re gonna get to choose which wing. I don’t want to spend my salvation with a bunch of right-wingers. And does everybody get, like, a locker or something? I have a ton of stuff, and you know how people are and I’m afraid they’ll mess with it if I can’t lock it up. Actually, you know what? Could I maybe just have my own nest next door? A ways away, but within shouting distance if I need help? That would work better for me. Because now that I think about it, God seems to love a lot of people I don’t, and doesn’t love a lot of the stuff I do. I feel like God’s going to insist on having the former and not the latter there with me under that wing, and I’m not really into that. So, what do you say, God? My own nest, salvation-adjacent? . . . Hello? . . . God? Prayer God, I’d really like to bring my prejudices and my items with me into your shelter, please. If that’s just not going to work, then help me let them go. Amen.

About the Author Quinn G. Caldwell is a father, husband, homesteader and preacher living in rural upstate New York.

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